5ktq charging problem, Please Help!

james accordino ssgacc at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 11 04:09:45 EST 2001

--- Peter McConnel <peter at madriver.com> wrote:
> because i knew the alternator's bearings were about
> to go, i spent the $65
> to have it rebuilt and replaced it in the car
> yesterday, but the battery is
> still not getting charged unless i use my
> plug-in-the-wall charger. to

Are you sure the "rebuilt" alternator is actually
producing?  Wouldn't be unheard of.  Belt tension?

> occasional glow from the ind. light. so i replaced
> the blue wire from the
> alternator to the connection harness near the
> battery jumper box on the
> passenger side near the grill. still no go. the
> battery will definitely take
> a charge from my external charger.
> What could this be?? thanks in advance...

I find electrical problems to be very difficult to
diagnose without a multimeter and an electrical
schematic (Bentley).  You need to find out if the
alternator is producing output voltage, if the battery
is receiving it, and if not where the problem is in
between.  Without a meter, you can't really tell 1+2,
and without a schematic, it is very hard to track
#3.(In general)  

My $.02
Jim Accordino

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