NAC!! Enemy sub approaching

Dan Simoes dans at
Fri Jan 12 00:30:26 EST 2001

You have a what?  I swear Bob, you've got to be running drugs on the
side or something.  Is this in addition to the S1 you got?

I'll try to keep the Subaru info brief since it's off topic, but

The WRX will come in both 4 door sedan (with major fender blisters) or
wagon (sans blisters but mild flares).  The sedan lists at $23,995, the
wagon is actually $500 cheaper.

Power is 227hp, exactly the same as a stock S4/6.  Power to weight ratio
is better than even the S4 twin turbo.

In my eyes, it's a serious competitor to the new S4 at close to half the
price.  I have to see and touch one to decide if the quality and missing
creature comforts justify the price difference.  

Stay tuned.

Bob wrote:
> Dan Simoes wrote:
> > It is indeed.  Curiously, was registered the other day,
> > along with and :)
> >
> > Also see and
> >
> > Mandatory Audi content: bet the fuel lines on the WRX won't leak.
> Hmmm.. not so sure about the fule lines. Im having a hell of a time finding
> lines for my japanese WRX. Keeps breaking at the rail.  Dont know a whole
> lot about the US version, but I hear its wagon only and only 228 (or so)
> hp.  Far cry from a 'real' one from the homeland :)
> Bob

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