fill capacity of rear diff?/hoses on actuator?

james accordino ssgacc at
Fri Jan 12 05:58:42 EST 2001

What is the fluid capacity of the rear diff. on an 89
200q?  Where is this information?  I have Bentley's
and the owner's manuals, and I can't find this
anywhere.  I found the increased tranny capacity in a
TSB in my binder, however I can't find anything
regarding the rear diff.

Another question.  Does the position of the 2 vacuum
hoses on the rear diff. actuator matter?  One is coded
blue and one is coded yellow.  Bentley says to see
diagram on 34-180, and the picture is not there.  The
picture I DO see doesn't tell me which port gets which
color.  Can anybody help, or doesn't it matter which
one goes where.

Jim Accordino

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