Bosch Motronic chipping at at
Sat Jan 13 10:01:51 EST 2001

>> Got a problem with an S2 Avant - intermittent refusal to start.
>> Bosch Motronic - Audi 895 907 551B, Bosch 0 261 203 643/644.

>> Only code stored is 1111.
>> ECU has been chipped. Two chips - "SZF1551B Boost" and
>> "SZF1551BKey100 Fuel".  The Zs could be Ts.  The original
>> 250kPa pressure sensor is still fitted.  Soldering is excellent.

> Phil, would that be an ADU engine? I've got a set of stock chips from an RS2
> I could loan out, or sell as needed.

No, it's an ABY.  I've got an offer from Aelred down at Dialynx - he has
a boxfull of stock chips removed during chipping operations and I've
sent him the Bosch stock numbers from an unchipped ECU.

We also fitted the unchipped ECU to the car in question - no codes
stored.  While this is far from conclusive (it's an intermittent
fault) I am beginning to suspect the ECU was either damaged during the
chipping process or the chips are defective.

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