Was: when the water pump seizes on an I5 \Now:crank seal?

james accordino ssgacc at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 13 07:00:24 EST 2001

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quk at isham-research.freeserve.co.uk wrote:
> It might be a loose bolt.  The alternator adjusting
> strap pivot bolt,
> for instance, also helps to secure the oil pump and
> blocks an oilway.
> If it's loose - you have an oil leak.  20Nm.  The
> other small bolts
> around the oil pump are 10Nm - some of them also
> block oilways.
I would definitely check the bolts for leaks first. 
Clean and observe the area around the bolt heads. 

> If it's the seal - good luck.  You will need extreme
> patience to get it
> out with standard picks

> Otherwise - oil pump has to come off

If in fact it is the crank seal, and you are committed
to replacing it, you might try this.  Drive some sheet
metal screws into the metal rim of the seal.  Be very
careful not to scratch the seal surface of the crank. 
I predrilled small holes, putting grease on the drill
to catch any shavings.  When you get some screws in
there, use the heads to lever the seal out.  I used
some closed end nippers.  Looks like a wire cutter on
the end of a plier.  The surfaces form a nice arc. 
This worked very easily for me and have done dozens of
seals this way.  Clean the area very carefully when
you are done, pulling any debris outwards.  Also, if
you plan this well you can get up to a dozen "shots"
at this by the placement of your holes.  What I mean
is occasionally when a seal is really stuck the screws
rip out of the seal and you need to redrill.  Cleaning
the outer edge of the seal bore before you start also
helps rather than trying to drag the seal through all
that dreck.

Good luck
Jim Accordino

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