URQ vs. Coupe GT

Per Lindgren lindgre at online.no
Sat Jan 13 17:32:23 EST 2001

isham-research.freeserve.co.uk at pop.pol.net.uk wrote:

> > The fenders were only flared on the turbocharged Coupe quattro. In
> > Europe they sold a normally aspirated 136 hp Coupe quattro which was
> > visually identical to a standard Coupe GT but for the quattro badging.
> > It was never sold in the US or Canada
> Also quite rare - we have about 850 ur-quattros in the Club and less
> than twenty Coupe quattros.

There are production figures on this website:
http://www.audicoupe.de/Audi/Coupeb2/coupeb2.html#Produktionsdaten: and it
shows that there are only made 7.786 quattros of a total of 169.017 T81/85
coupes. So it seems that this is a quite rare model after all, it is quite
common in Norway however. A nice 86 or 87 w/170-200k kms goes for about
55.000 crownes, that is about $6.300, the 2wd is a bit cheaper, some
5-10.000 crownes for a similar model.

They do not have any figures on the Urquattro.

92 Cab 2.3

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