'91 200TQ questions...

Patrick Austin paanta at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 13 15:50:34 EST 2001

Okay, dealership at the end of the street has one I could get for next to
nothing.  As in, probably in the $3000 range.  It needs a new heater core
and the turbo is only making 1.3 bar of boost by the dash guage, but it
still has about as much power as my dad's '91 200TQ which does say its
making full boost.  It could very well be a vacuum line that isn't working
properly, as there seem to be some other vacuum related issues, like bad
power locks and whatnot.  The car is otherwise in awesome condition.
Interior is flawless. Exterior is almost perfect, too.  

Worst case, what does a new heater core + a new turbo cost?  Parts?  How
hard are they to do yourself?  What would it cost to do it at a shop?

						Patrick Austin
						paanta at bu.edu

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