[200q20v] Re: Stupid question- sidemarker lights - do it yourself! its cheap and easy!

Per Lindgren lindgre at online.no
Sun Jan 14 19:03:10 EST 2001

Ti Kan wrote:

> CL Wong writes:
> > Yup, Night Shades about $10 per can.  I blacked out my
> > front turn signals and the amber part of my tail
> > lights.  Looks great after 1+ year.  Hope it continues
> > to hold up but if it doesn't I'll get v8 tail lights.
> >
> > > why?  you can do it yourself.  email me for pics of
> > > the blacked out lights on
> > > my '86 5kT..   the stuff is called "Night shades"
> > > works great, they sell it
> > > at A&A auto or any FLAPS.  Better result than
> > > Treser!!!  and cheaper than a
> > > set of V8 Taillites!!!!
> That's a cheap way for sure, but have you measured the light output
> after that treatment?  If you want your taillights to actually
> function effectively as such, then this is a sub-optimal way to do it.

Here in Norway, it is illegal to drive a car with spraycan-tinted lights,
no matter how lightly they are tinted. I bet this goes for all of Europe.
Also tinted lexan covers for the lights are illegal too. The only things
legal are "real" colored lights with e-codes on them, like the Treser or
Hella black lights.

92 Cab 2.3

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