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Sun Jan 14 23:36:19 EST 2001

> Good points- that probably explains why the Brits
> love the Subaru with all of those great twisty
> roads.

They're relatively cheap here, which also helps.  We drive on the left,
as do the Japanese, and their legislation fosters an active grey import
market for used cars.  The Subaru rally team is also based here and
uses British drivers.

Personally, I _LOVE_ Subarus, especially the flashy metallic blue ones
with lots of spoilers.  They draw HM Fuzz like magnets - many of my
motorway trips are made safer by PC Plod being occupied talking to a
Subie driver who probably wasn't even dreaming of exceeding the speed

I think the US expression is 'bear bait'.

If you want to wind up parked on the hard shoulder of the M1 talking to
one of Leicestershire/Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire's finest, buy a Subie.

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