Humorous webpage (NAC) :~)

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Sun Jan 14 20:18:42 EST 2001

You forgot the smiley, Don, so I put it in the subject line for you.   Hey, 
when are we having that group purchase of the steering wheel pilot nut 
removal wrench?

At 02:50 PM 01/14/2001 -0500, Don M wrote:

>Sun, 14 Jan 2001 11:02:41 -0500 (EST) Andrew Buc wrote:
> > This is a spoof of a car accessories catalog:
> >
>It ain't humorous Andrew, every product is 100% real and supported with a 
>money back guarantee.  I've been a KaleCo user for ions and I swear at their
>products daily.  Even posted this link last week.
>To prove my point that everything at KaleCo is legit, here's a recent post 
>by a
>22V Quattro owner on the KaleCo Discussion Board...
>Actually, I think he's either the president of the 22V Quattro Club or the
>Listmeister over at the 22V Quattro List.
> > Dave
> > Unregistered User
> > (1/13/01 7:43:53 am)
> > Reply Blinker Fluid
> > Your products are great! I had been putting off changing the blinker 
> fluid in
>my Audi Quattro 22 valve because R** L*** synthetic is so expensive.
>Other than this guy can't spell Red Line how many 22V owners do you know who
>would dare go public and support such a product if it wasn't real.
>Just wanted to clear this up.

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