re. pictures please?!? (of I5 motor)

Swann, Benjamin R. (BSWANN) BSWANN at
Sun Jan 14 22:51:28 EST 2001

There are some on mine.  You'll have to poke around some.

Look under Project GTQ pictures.  Let me know if they display allright,
'cause I sometimes have problems with the photo display applet they provide.
I can always email them to you, if so.

I may be able to do some more at different angles if you'ld like.

Quality isn't the best as I do a cludgy TV tuner card capture from my
Camcorder - but it works.

<I am desperately in need of some good pictures from different angles of a 5
cyl engine block, preferably a bare block without transmission, intake,
exhaust, etc.

Can anyone direct me to a website?>

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