What do I look for on a 5000CS quattro?

Kris Reijonen tukris at home.com
Mon Jan 15 20:12:10 EST 2001

Spied an '88 5000CS quattro (5 speed) on a car lot...he doesn't know what he's got, but then neither do I. I think he's asking $2400. Car has 150k miles and appears to be in decent, but not terrific shape...fairly presentable though.

What do I look for in problem areas? Is there anything that really stands out as bad on this model? Hope some of you can share your likes and dislikes on this particular Audi. Same dealer has an '89 200 Turbo (non-quattro) that has 220k and is still presentable and near same price...any ideas on this one? Or any thoughts on preference between the two?


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