2 wd automatics

Ken Keith auditude at neta.com
Tue Jan 16 09:49:30 EST 2001

wilson at wcax.com wrote:
> Have a chance to buy a 5k non turbo, non quattro wagon with an automatic.
> I've heard all the buzz about Audi automatics--pertaining to quattros--what
> sort of luck are people having without the stress of 4wd ?

I think the V8 quattro was the first quattro that came with an 
automatic (1990?).  Before that (and after), all the 5k's that were 
auto's were front wheel drive.  So, the talk about auto trannies 
failing were all fwd cars, not quattro's.

The turbo auto tranny's are reputed to be beefier, tho' they still 
suck, in that they have things like four planetary gears instead of 
the three gears in non-turbo fwd's.

And I think all-wheel-drive is less stressful on the driveline in 
general, since it spreads out the force over all four wheels.  I could 
be wrong about any or all of this.



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