Audi technology in RC cars; Treser

Carl Jarrett cjarrett at
Tue Jan 16 12:01:09 EST 2001

Nice to see some more RC fans out there! For the thrill of driving!

BenediktRochow at wrote:
> Seen in a listing of hop-up parts for some RC car
> in a recent Tower Hobbies catalog (surrounded by
> chromed susp. arms and kevlar chassis pieces, etc.):
> "Unobtanium stock shafts".
> Seen on I-495 (MA), last week: A type 44, lowered,
> dark tint, with what I'd guess to be Treser taillights,
> as they got noticeably greyish towards the outside lights,
> looking quite the ones on Phil P.'s recent wagon picture,
> with the car in that color too.
> Somewhat loud dual exhaust, only "Audi        quattro"
> on the trunklid, turbo lights, driven by a gentleman in
> a flat cap with a long grey beard. Lister?
> Looked very nice. (For all I know, I may have been
> a FWD automatic non-turbo, but it looked slick
> and fast.)
> -gbr

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