passat cupholder source?

Ken Keith auditude at
Tue Jan 16 14:17:08 EST 2001

Thanks for the link.  I'm not sure these guys have the one I was 
looking for.  I think they sell aftermarket armrests that have 
cupholders in them, right?

Although the armrests they have are interesting, I would like to find 
a source for the "eyeglass case" style cupholder that is an option 
for the B5 Passats, I think.  This cupholder mounts to a vertical flat 
surface, and has a cover that folds down, exposing the cupholding 
rings that pop out.  I think the price is around $40.

Those Husco armrests seem pretty sturdy tho'.  Does anyone have 
any pics of an installation in their car?

Also, any info on the optional factory Passat cupholder would be 



"Stephen Bigelow" <sbigelow at> wrote:
> > Does anyone know where the best/cheapest place to obtain a 
> > Passat cupholder is?

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