mud donuts in a 5kcstq

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Tue Jan 16 23:57:27 EST 2001

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> It was raining here in AZ, and there is a dirt field here by the house. 
> It was all very wet mud, so when I got home from work in my '88 
> 5kcstq, I locked the hubs and went bogging.

hey, got the AWD, might as well use it..  :<)   
half the people on the list wouldnt have the b*lls to do that with their Q's, 
(me either, aside form the fact mines not a Q)  but glad you got it out of 
your system :<)  plus, down in AZ the joys of driving on snowy roads arent 
all that common either.. 
boys are never too old to play in the mud with their toys... :<)
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