Tranmission swap in a 87.5 CGT

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I'm not speaking from experience with the coupe, but with the 5k, going from
an auto trans to manual requires a different flywheel... isnt this true of
the coupe as well?


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>I believe I will need a 2.3 flywheel since that's the motor I have. Is that

>correct? Does having the flywheel lighten benefit me any?

If you already have a 2.3 engine then you already have a 2.3 flywheel bolted

to it.

>Are the 87.5 CGT half shafts retained, or do they have to be swapped out 
>for other ones?

Depends.  If you swap the tranny flanges from the 87.5 tranny to the 85 then

yes they are retained.  If not then no.  The inner CV joints on the 87.5 are

10mm larger in diameter than the '85.  That's the difference.

>If I need a 2.3 flywheel, does anyone out there have one for sale?

You won't need it.  If you're near Maryland, I have a good 1987.5 tranny 
already pulled if you want it.  Pick up only though.

While you're in there I highly recommend putting in a new clutch, T/O 
bearing and slave cylinder.


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