[NAC] wide wheels with rather narrow tires

Motor Sport Visions Photography msvphoto at pacbell.net
Wed Jan 17 14:01:23 EST 2001

I'm not sure I agree that going down one tire size (from 205/60 to
195/60) is the appropriate answer. Stock tire size for the 5000cstq/200q
is 205/60/15 on either the 15x6.5 std wheels or the 15x7 Fuchs. Way back
when I ran 215/60/15 VR Gatorbacks on my long gone 1987 5ktq avant and
with those tires on the 6 1/2 wheels had no problems with sidewall flex
(ultra-stiff sidewalls for tires of that era...this was a decade ago).

Even though I have 15x7 Fuchs on my current 5ktq, one of the things I do
when shopping for tires is to feel how stiff the sidewalls are. The
range from ultra-soft (relying more on air pressure) to ultra-stiff when
comparing brands and types is quite vast.

In any case I really do not see a compelling reason to deviate from the
factory 205 size down to 195. OTOH, I do know of one q-lister who
dropped from 205/60 to 205 (or was it 215)/50 on his Fuchs wheels and
loved it, but that would be summer only or mild climate advice of

Mike Veglia
Motor Sport Visions Photography

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