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james accordino ssgacc at
Thu Jan 18 06:43:26 EST 2001

--- Tessie McMillan <tessmc at> wrote:
> Thanks Jim!
> Great information!
> But STEEL WHEELS? My OEM wheels on my Spider are
> steel, but the OEM wheels
> on my Quattro were a cast .... magnesium? ... alloy.
> Unfortunately, I
> swapped them to my ex BF for the BBS and then he
> gave them to his son... (plus
> they were 14"). I didn't think you could buy steel
> wheels these days.
> Tess
I was thinking about cost and damage.  Steel is a
win/win on those counts.  You can also get the common
Audi alloys used for a good price.  Places like
TireRack and others that sell snow tire "packages"
sell steel wheels.

Jim Accordino

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