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Thu Jan 18 18:13:14 EST 2001

> "Yack-yack", "Yessir-Yessir."  He let me go.  I simply drove off and left
> him.  The last I saw of him he was still trying to get back to the
> highway.  :-)


I think I already related my experience with a couple of West Sussex's
finest.  I was driving down to Saltdean and then up the (steep) hill to
a colleague's house.  A jam sandwich was drawn up across the bottom of
the hill, with a couple of occifers dressed in the yellow jackets and
Raybans sunning themselves beside their cars.  As I approached to pass
behind their car, one sprang into animation and waved me down.

"I'm sorry, sir, we're only allowing 4WDs up today."

His opo stared straight ahead, clapped a hand theatrically over his
eyes, and said: "It's OK, sir - I'll explain.  Off you go."

Ever seen a Torsen ur-quattro tackle steep fresh snow on new(ish)
rubber?  Well, I just _had_ to pulverise the hill, didn't I?

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