Quirky is one thing- this is just plain ODD

Todd Young tyoung at wamnet.com
Thu Jan 18 14:20:46 EST 2001

The "stock" lighter socket in my '93 90S is bigger than the 'Merican
sockets that I installed in the center console. That's one reason I
installed the additional sockets, the other being so that I don't have
to have my ashtray open to power my cel phone or other stuff.

Robert Deis wrote:
> Did you know that type-44 cigarette lighter sockets are a bit larger than
> Ford and Chryco?
> Was moving an electronic gadjet from one car to the other and it didn't
> fit in the merican socket!  A bit of investigation showed there was an
> adapter sleve on the plug that was easily removed so it would fit either
> car.
> I work with a ton of EEs that thought it was rediculously funny..
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