High Speed

Raj Diocee audiocee at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 19 10:16:50 EST 2001

On the topic of high speed, just thought I'd mention Audi's open road record 
of 430km/h(270mph) set way back in 1937.  Still impressive...


>Actually I think the fastest "production" car in the
>world is the A$$tec, That didn't last too long in
>production, before they called it back for re-design.
>Probably forgot to put in the speed-limiter.
>Kidding aside,
>I always thought the Mclaren F1 was the fastest Prod.

        Do you mean the Vector M30 Avtec?  It was recalled
because Weigart
sold the company to somebody in Korea, then it was bought out by
else just like all the other struggling companies.

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