Still 5KTQ No Start

Charles G. Alday calday at
Fri Jan 19 16:31:14 EST 2001

I will put in my 2 cents owning the same beast.

I agree with Huw.  I had an intermittent starting problem, which was
multi-factorial.  Part of the problem was a PO put in an undersized
alternator and battery (which was having problems charging).  When it died
going down the road and needed a tow, the mechanic told me that the 5KQ
needs so much current the run things that if the alternator and battery is
weak there is not enough fuel pressure to open the injectors (or something
to that effect).  Runs great since having those items replaced with proper

I also have had reason to suspect fuse connections for the ECU and fuel
system (pull out the fuse, put it back in, it starts).

I also have had intake leaks (Michelin Man Hose), which once fixed solved a
cold: starts fine - hot: stalls and won't start problem.

BTW - My 5KTQ is a hobby, an educational tool, and occupational therapy.
You can't get that with just any car...

'86 5KTQ
'87 4KQ

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>Sorry to here that the injectors did not help. Spending money that does
>not cure a fault is frustrating.
>A couple of cost free ideas are to firstly check the rest height of the
>air flow plate and secondly a common reply is to check carefully for air
>leaks in the inlet/breather pipes and intercooler. If there is a leak the
>cold start injector may provide enough fuel for cold starting but as it
>does not operate when hot the lack of fuel will cause starting problems.
>It would be nice to confirm what the problem is either ignition or over or
>under fueling.
>Simon Holtby
>--- Mike Del Tergo <mdeltergo at> wrote: > A few weeks ago I
>mentioned a hot start problem, if there is such a
>> thing in
>> Maine in January, with my 86 5KTQ.
>> After checking fuel pressure, residual and otherwise, throttle position
>> switches etc., I settled on the oft mentioned injectors.  I assumed they
>> were leaking gas into the cylinders and causing the problem, (any shut
>> down
>> of 5 minutes to 2-3hrs and the car will not start without very long
>> crank
>> times and a WOT)but when the car sat overnight, it starts no problem.
>> Well new injectors did not help, I'm at a loss, any other ideas!?
>> Thanks
>> Mike
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