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> the parking and inst lights.  Some people relay them, too!
> nwloves wrote:
> > 
> > Got a tech question about he light switch in my 4kq.
> > The old switch recently went south on me and thanks to a fellow lister it
> > was replaced.
> > Now there are the same problems developing again so I took the old one 
> apart
> > and found that the #30 pin has been running hot (melting things).
> > I run 100/80 H4's and have relayed everything (2 for the euros) including
> > the fogs (all of which use 10ga off the battery)
> > Any ideas as to the cause and source?
> > Thanks for any help, Tom

Before you go through the trouble, you might just check to make sure you have 
all the right bulbs and no place of corrosion or where resistance values will 
cause extra draw.  Parking lights on rear are one P21/5 and two R10 bulbs.  
Up front your parking lights are R5 bulbs.  IMO using U.S. Bulbs as 
substitutes for the European bulbs (except front turn signals and back up 
lights) is something that could cause problems like you are experiencing.  
Also check your sockets for corrosion sense that could have the same effect.  
All bulbs I listed are available at your local auto parts store and usually 
listed correctly in their bulb catalog.

Britton Ingraham

1987 4000 CS quattro
1986 Quantum
1973 Beetle
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