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Hans-Juergen Schneider hans at
Sun Jan 21 12:24:16 EST 2001

There are 2 new books on the market which might interest fellow 
Audi fans:

Audi Quattro
by Laurence Meredith
Crowood Press
ISBN: 1861263678

This one is just published and tells the story of the Audi Quattro
development from the DKW Munga all the way to the Audi Allroad.

Rally Cars
by Reinhard Klein
ISBN: 3829046251

Another classic by famous rally photographer Reinhard Klein. This 
book is even better than the previous one called "Rally". In here you 
will find great pictures and descriptions off all rally works cars 
from 1966 until today.

- Hans-Juergen Schneider
'93 S2 Avant 
'89 CQ 20V

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