CQ gone...now poseur?

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Sun Jan 21 21:25:17 EST 2001

A lot of the knowledge on this list applies to the newer
cars as well. I asked about some problems with the turbo
boost in our A4 1.8tqw and I was able to get several very
good suggestions on possibilities for the symptoms I've

You don't hear too much about self-repair on the newer cars
because (i) most of them are still under warranty, (ii)
unfortunately a lot of the new Audi owners are not hardcore
Audi enthusiasts like those of us on the q-list, (iii)
a lot of these owners probably don't even know about the q-list
and (iv) the later cars have a lot less niggling problems than,
say, my 5ktq (which is now running very well after addressing
nearly all problem points, no matter how small).

Are you getting an S4 Avant? The $$$$$$.$$ you wrote leads
me to believe that you purchased a 528i "sportwagon" and
installed M5 underpinnings. :-)

That is the only way I can think of getting a six-figure
wagon in the US. Aston Martin shooting brakes are one-offs
that wouldn't be certified for US sale, even though the Sultan
of Brunei has several in his homeland.


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