Snow Packed Rims = Wobbly Wheel

joel nevin joelnevin at
Mon Jan 22 05:46:06 EST 2001

Just this weekend. And snow isn't the only culprit, 
lets just say that vermont has 5 seasons, the 5th
being Mud season. Back roads/ruts the mud and stones
stick/collect very nicely on your rims and dries like

--- Rave Racer <Ravewar at> wrote:
>         Yes.  All the time.  Especially after doing
> donuts.
> > heavy snow, but no.  As I walked out of the store
> I thought maybe the snow
> > packed in the mesh rims was causing the wheels to
> act unbalanced.  I
> cleaned
> > them all out with my finger and bingo, no wobble. 
> Anyone else ever
> > experienced this?

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