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You need to keep a few things in mind when going to the track for the first time.  First, get the car properly sorted, but don't go crazy.  A fluid flush, especially brake and oil, is recommendable and necessary.  Check the tightness of bolts and joints, and then off you go.  The most challenging part of track driving is adapting to it.  You'll think you're flying - you're standing still compared to the upper groups.  It's a comfort level thing, and it takes time to get used to driving.  Concentrate on what your instructor (assuming that he or she is a good one) tells you to do - they've done it before, and DO know better than you.  It can be difficult to overcome that trust barrier for some drivers, who feel that they know their car better than the instructor possibly could, and therefore the instructor is of little use.  I've done lots of driving schools now, in a few different groups.  Great, steep learning curve - after a while, it becomes difficult to get faster.  Hopever!
, the information learned is inv
aluable in your everyday life, regardless of your ultimate ability to drive fast.  If you have any other questions, let me know.  Other than that, I can tell you little about the car preperation besides following the pre-tech sheet that you should be sent.

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