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Tue Jan 23 00:11:52 EST 2001

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From: "Alexander van Gerbig" <Audi_80 at>
>  Now the oddest part
> to me is that the car feels noticeably faster, is this normal for a
> problem?
Cheap water injection? :-)

One thing I learned years ago - collect some of the water from the exhaust
in a container, seal it and wrap it in something clean (you'll find out
why). Put the container in your icebox or freezer and set it on maximum. If
the water hasn't frozen after 30 minutes or so its almost certainly got
antifreeze in it. If you taste a drop (just a drop - nasty stuff) it'll
taste sweet if its antifreeze.

Why do you wrap it in something clean? If there's a female in your house
she'll soon find out what you're doing and at least the clean wrapping will
reduce the level of the earache......


Jim Haseltine

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