Brake saga

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Sinking pedal is most likely from the MC if your calipers are good.  I had
the same problem, replaced my calipers, still had it and when i replaced the
MC it went away.


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Saturday afternoon I reseated the front ABS sensors (did the rear ones last
week) and bled the system in an attempt to cure the strange 5mph ABS failure
and the disappearing pedal. Didn't test it yesterday because of a snowfall
(no way was I going to take the car out into those conditions with suspect
brakes) but I took it out tonight. The ABS switch-off has gone but now the
pedal drops totally as the car stops. If I let the pedal rise again there's
pressure but it will sink to the floor if I really press on it. I figure
that there's either a leak or the MC is shot - its the only part of the
system that's original, the front calipers have new seals, the rears, the
bias valve and the bomb are all new. Disconnected the MC from the servo but
no fluid drained out. I'll have to put it on stands again tomorrow and get
underneath it.
Its got SS lines which I thinking of junking - with rubber lines I could
clamp them to pin point the fault - anybody got views on the pro & cons?


Jim Haseltine

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