quattro digest, Vol 1 #878

Edward Birch edwbirch at home.com
Tue Jan 23 20:20:39 EST 2001

Good evening, all...........

> I saw this page, and thought I'd pass it along for comment:
> http://www.gdi-electronic.de/Fahrzeugmarkt/Details1/details1.html

Yes, I looked at it, thank you.  Do check out the chip replacement page.
Notice the selection of automobile makes offering Diesel engines?  Nearly
every brand offers turbo Diesel.  50-60MPG is possible with some Diesels!
Imagine cutting your fuel and engines maintenance costs in half!

Yes, I know---not everyone wants to drive a turbo Diesel, but damn it give
us a choice!

Now, how do we get the message to the fools in Washington D.C. who have
their noses up OPEC's ass.

Ed.  1991-100......20MPG with 91octane on a good day.

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