computer controlled turbo technology

Ken Keith auditude at
Wed Jan 24 14:33:22 EST 2001

I heard somewhere that turbos are supposed to be quiet, and that 
whining is an indication of wear.

I like the sound of the turbo whine too.


On 24 Jan 2001, at 7:59, Robert Deis wrote:

> On Tue, 23 Jan 2001, Ken Keith wrote:
> > I could hear the whine of the turbo (that's bad, isn't 
> > it?)
> Not unless it annoys you- the turbo whistle is usually getting out
> through the intake, and the louder the whistle, the more open the
> intake is.  Some cars have sound filters to hold the noise in because
> it's irritating, but I rather like it. (-:

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