Idle curiosity.....cq into S2?

Michael Dewar - Sun Scotland Mike.Dewar at
Thu Jan 25 18:29:19 EST 2001

I've had both and as far as I could tell they are indeed the same. The
only difference with the brakes is the discs / rotors need a different
bolt pattern

The exhaust system uses 2 cats and 2 pipes which merge into one box
before the rear driveshafts. There's also detail differences such as
the dash, centre console and steering wheel.


> ok so do the swap... one would need
> Assorted front body parts
> Front and rear struts with 5-bolt hubs
> S4 motor
> 6 speed tranny
> front and rear driveshafts
> intercooler/exhaust
> Are the calipers front and rear the same on the CQ as the S2? or are they
> something else?
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> Other differences include gearbox for the 6 speed version, driveshafts
> and hubs as the S2 used a 5 bolt pattern. Also the front bumper is
> different to allow room for the intercooler.
> Mike

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