5K Avant Cargo Area Question

Tom Donohue donohue at netconnx.net
Thu Jan 25 14:57:30 EST 2001

    1.  Fold down rear seatbacks;
    2.  Pull down the spring-loaded plastic piece that is at the passenger
comparment end of the tracks;
    3.  Pull out toward the front, one rod at a time - you will feel resistence
from a spring retainer at the end of the track that keeps the rods from sliding
out of the track.

    Be careful that you pull the rods out straight toward the front of the
vehicle.  The plastic "wheels" at either end of the rods are pretty fragile and
are known to chip or break if the rod is removed at an angle.

Paul Meyers wrote:

> I have the "blind for luggage compartment" installed in my 87. It hides the
> rear cargo area from prying eyes of would-be evildoers and provides a more
> finshed appearance. On the other hand, it dramatically reduces the cargo
> carrying capacity of the vehicle, blocking access to the folded-down rear
> seats for larger boxes etc.
> Question: How do I temporarily remove it so I can carry larger items? I
> haven't figured out how to do this.
> Paul Meyers
> Gray 87 5KCSTQ 1.8bar eurolights fuchs 145 kM, replacing electronic ignition
> loom
> Pearl 88 5KCSTQ 1.8bar eurolights fuchs bilsteins 126 kM 2pc-em k24 turbo
> Repainted Pearl 87 5KTQA 1.8bar eurolights TT wheels bilsteins 194 kM daily
> driver
> Blue 86 5KCSTQ parts car

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