Death of Eurolight

Tom Vandervoort vandervoort at
Thu Jan 25 14:01:24 EST 2001

You might be able to get a replacement lens for the RS2 headlight from
Blaufernugen.  Jim Blau's son has them on his modified 90csq; I saw the car
at Road America last fall.  I've protected the RS2 lights on my eS2 with
Stongards purchased from Blau.  They work well.  The heat from the projector
beam and high beam has not harmed the Stongards.  The light thrown down the
road does not seem to be decreaed at all.  Contact Jim directly and ask him
to cut you a pattern based on the Stongards on his son, Uri's car.  That's
what he did for me.



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