An Crock

Huw Powell audi at
Fri Jan 26 14:05:36 EST 2001

> According to Phil Long Imports Audi parts desk,
> the three rubber grommets that attach the power
> window regulator to the inside of the door are not
> available separate.  They are only available as part
> of the regulator.
> Can anyone confirm or deny this?

not shown separately in FP, I think I have some pretty kludged mounts
put together in the coupe.  Sadly, that is the *one* bonded rubber
mounting in these cars that is well-designed, by which I mean that the
metal endplates (and the rubber chunk) are hex shaped, so they can be
held with a wrench.  This is especially useful when removing the remains
of broken ones.

Klaus at Atlantic had an interesting assortment I looked through when i
received one wrong piece for my 90Q fuel pump tray - i should search
through them again and see if he had the exact one for the window reg.

Another option (I believe someone already mentioned this) is one of the
radiator mount pieces, they are avail. sep. and at least one is about
the right height and thread.  i think that one would be the type 85
retianing strap to radiator location...

Huw Powell

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