Gearwrench tools at at
Tue Jan 30 00:32:08 EST 2001

> There are several sets on ebay with the 17mm and 19mm.  I also saw a stubby
> set that included the 17mm and 19mm.

Can't see what use the 19mm would be to me.  I mainly use the 10mm,
13mm long and 13mm stubby.  Wonderful around the front of the engine,
and also for the gearshift clamp.

I _do_ have a new 19mm combination wrench by Britool.  It's for use
with the 3036 when tackling an over-tightened cam wheel bolt - one
of my fellow enthusiasts refers to it with a single short word of
Anglo-Saxon origin: "Can I borrow the ****?"

If I were a 19mm bolt head, _I_ might call it that too.

Pictures tomorrow.

 Phil Payne
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