[LAC] Mountain Driving in WA question

Jim Bonnet jimbo at sco.com
Tue Jan 30 11:27:29 EST 2001

You may want to check this link--


Right now looks like it is really snowing.. Id head for the mtns!!

"Mark L. Chang" wrote:
> For WA residents only, I guess:
> I'm planning on (possibly) heading from Seattle, over Stevens or
> Snoqualmie pass to Leavenworth for a weekend getaway with the wife
> (anniversary #1). I have never driven mountain passes before and was
> wanting advice.
> The WSDOT page says traction tires required on both passes today (and
> posssibly the weekend) with snow forcasted for our departure day (this
> Friday).
> I have a 90q20v with Dunlop SP5000s (or were they 4000s) on
> them. Relatively decent tread, like that matters.
> Now, the question is, how am I going to do over them mountains? Or is it,
> Mark, stay home. Need advice.
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