Fw: [LAC] Mountain Driving in WA question

Jeff Gilmour jgilmour at oz.net
Tue Jan 30 12:53:53 EST 2001

Take a look here for the actual law (sorry about the long link)..

 Basically, what they say is "All-wheel drive vehicles are exempt from chain
requirements when all wheels are in gear and are equipped with approved
traction devices, provided that tire chains for at least one set of drive
tires are carried in the vehicle."

 So even if they post "Chains required" , you're OK as long as you have
chains in the car. You won't need 'em, but you gotta have 'em. I've been
across those passes several times during chains required in my 4ksq
(Michelin MXV4, not known for it's snow capabilities) and never been
stopped. I was carrying chains, but never even came close to needing them.
You won't have any problem as long as you're careful, stay out of the deep
stuff, and watch out for all the other guys.

Snoqualmie Pass is usually easier and kept cleared better during real severe
weather, but personally I like the drive across Sevens better. YMMV.

Hope this helps.


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> > For WA residents only, I guess:
> >
> > I'm planning on (possibly) heading from Seattle, over Stevens or
> > Snoqualmie pass to Leavenworth for a weekend getaway with the wife
> > (anniversary #1). I have never driven mountain passes before and was
> > wanting advice.
> >
> > The WSDOT page says traction tires required on both passes today (and
> > posssibly the weekend) with snow forcasted for our departure day (this
> > Friday).
> >
> > I have a 90q20v with Dunlop SP5000s (or were they 4000s) on
> > them. Relatively decent tread, like that matters.
> >
> > Now, the question is, how am I going to do over them mountains? Or is
> > Mark, stay home. Need advice.
> >
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