Lawrence C Leung l.leung at juno.com
Tue Jan 30 19:20:04 EST 2001

Altenator gone bad. Bad, Bad, altenator. (If the regulator failed,
voltage would go above 14 or so volts at high RPMs). Time to contact Avi


On Tue, 30 Jan 2001 08:16:38 -0500 Michael Williams <campvw at home.com>
>I had a problem with my car this morning. It is an 89 100. It is a 
>day so when I left for work I had on my wipers, headlights, radio and
>heat. As I was going I thought I noticed the dash lights getting 
>Some of the dash lights are burned out but I can normally see the
>voltage gauge but I couldn't see it. As I pulled off the Parkway I 
>able to shine some light on it and saw that it was below 12v. Not
>wanting to get stuck 20 miles away from home I turned around and 
>back. No sooner had I turned around then the battery warning light 
>up on the dash and the dash lights got dimmer. On the Parkway back
>(praying all the way) the car would sputter, the dash lights would
>flicker high and low and other warning lights would flicker on and 
>I think the only thing I was missing was the robot from "Lost in 
>shouting "WARNING, WARNING!!!". I turned off the headlights but left 
>the parking lights, off with the radio and heater and just used the
>wipers on an as needed basis. As I was driving the sputtering and 
>flickering went away and by the time I got home I was able to put my
>lights back on and I could see that the voltmeter was now over 12v.
>Ok, what should I be looking for on this. Altenator or Voltage
>regulator? I know it was running off the battery but if the altenator
>was bad would the battery have recharged itself in the 20 miles back
>home? Any insight would be GREATLY appreciated
>Mike Williams

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