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Wed Jan 31 15:26:32 EST 2001

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<< Although a Dialynx 'Sport copy' would pass muster at a casual meeting or
 at a 'cruise', it wouldn't get past scrutineering at a true historic
 event - where you are in many cases required to show provenance and
 justify an original factory chassis number.

I think the Dialynx copies are more like Ruf or Dinan, or AC Schnitzer's - 
etc.  They have their own quirks, and they serve a certain purpose.  For me, 
that's making my car look like a sport quattro - although in long wheel base 
form - without the 45,000$ downpayment.  Granted, my GT will NEVER be worth 
close to what a sport quattro will be - however, it will be "cool" in its own 
regard, and it will serve it's function, and I'll be happy - 

I suppose that's what matters the most.  

Any home-grown car won't compete well against the factory items in a concours 
- unless, of course, that home-grown special becomes a cult-classic in it's 
own right (witness, Shelby's Cobra)...Not that I'm comparing, but maybe in 50 
years, people will be guessing at the mythical appearence of this 
wide-bodied, carbon kevlar clad GT, and speculating on Audi's GT/Sport 
program....who knows?


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