Did I win?

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 31 12:37:56 EST 2001

  I had a drive like that.  The sign said, 10MPH.  I thought,
well, that means 20.   No, the sign was right.  I MEANT 10. 
5mph if your in a normal car.  I got a close look at that Tree
on the side but exited unscathed, except for a slightly bruised
ego. :-)
  Nice thing about CD drives.  You can ALWAYs break them to get
at the inside.  If you dont mind buying a new CD-Rom. :-)  Have
you tried the power connection on the back of it?  Maybe it came
  good luck

--- Jim Haseltine <Jim at ur-q.freeserve.co.uk> wrote:
> Its been one of those days today - firstly, this lunchtime I
> had one of the
> most frightening experiences of my driving life when
> descending from Ilkley
> Moor in thick fog and I found myself in a 180 degree hairpin
> bend that
> seemed to have been built on a vertical drop - I swear that
> the car slid
> through it with all four wheels locked even though I'd entered
> it at 10mph.
> I'm still alive so I guess that I won that one..
> Later I managed to get my hands on a set of early Ur-q quad
> headlamps and
> trims in excellent condition for a silly price - really won
> that time. Then
> just as I was leaving, the guy asked me if I was interested in
> another item
> that he had surplus to requirements - a 1980 Ur-q handbook
> with the 1981
> supplement pages - can anybody guess what my answer was?
> Now just to prove that life gets its own back, my CD drive has
> jammed solid
> with the family album in it.......
> Regards,
> Jim Haseltine

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