'87 5KCSQ brakes not releasing properly

Ameer Antar ameer at snet.net
Wed Jan 31 18:56:21 EST 2001

sounds like m/c. The spring in there may have crapped out. Also check the 
brake pedal spring. Check the distance between the brake servo flange and 
clevis hole in connecting rod end, it should be 9.8 in. Rebuilt m/c's are 
cheap...new OE units are better and aren't too much...around $100....at 
least cheaper than rear calipers...[Audi says m/c's can't be rebuilt].

Also you might have some issues w/ the power brakes. After you shut off the 
car, the pedal shouldn't get hard until you've got 10-20 pumps out of it. 
The bombs often go bad and the servo can too, but no power brakes just 
requires more effort to stop the car, but the pedal shouldn't go all the 
way down or not return all the way. good luck.


At 05:58 PM 1/31/2001 , you wrote:
>Hi fellow audinauts,
>It has been a few year since I last subscribed to the
>"list". It has a whole new look. As those of you who
>may remember me, might remember, I spend alot of time
>out of the country and the list did then, and probably
>still does, generate alot of posts. Hence, I
>unsubscribed. I am having a few problems with my car.
>The biggest one is that during stop and go driving the
>brakes reach a point where they refuse to release all
>the way. It started last Summer and I thought it was
>heat related so I had them bled...didn't help. Shortly
>there after I replaced the rear calipers and put in
>stainless brake lines all the way around...didn't
>help. On short drives it doesn't happen; only drives
>over 15 miles or 25 minutes. Symptoms are a very hard
>brake pedal with alot of drag at the brakes. The
>fronts will get quite hot. Pumping down the
>"bomb/grenade" does nothing for this problem.
>Help!!! As my girlfriend is getting quite annoyed that
>we away have to take her vehicle on longer trips:-)
>As always,
>          your friend,
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