1989 Audi 200 dashboard removal...

Gerard gerard at poboxes.com
Mon Jan 8 18:24:03 EST 2001


So far I've got the dashboard parcel shelf, glove box and centre console
out. What I'm staring at is a load of bolts and screws that need
removing and a bunch of brackets hooked onto brackets.

Can anyone give me instructions for the least painful way to pull this
thing out without having to remove much plugs and wiring except ofcourse
for things like the instrument panel? :)

I have the Haynes manual for the 200, but the only thing it describes is
how to remove the centre console of cars after 1989 and the dashboard
for cars with the older dashboard. Most helpful.


gerard at poboxes.com
q-list info: 1989/90 200 (mac13a MC-1)

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