josh Wyte josh_wyte at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 1 17:49:22 EDT 2001

While the law does prohibit the refusal of warranty
coverage unless the dealer can prove the aftermarket
part directly caused the failure (Magnusson-Moss Act)
in practice they can do whatever they please.  

They know the consumers recourse would be to take them
to court and how many people actually do that? 
Especially if it's a repair that needs to be done, ie
the car won't run.  The consumer has to pay for the
repair, then take the dealer to court.  Happens very

So the dealer just goes ahead and screws the consumer
with the attitude of "Fuck you, go ahead and take me
to court."

Geuss how I know this?  Suffice it to say I have a
very low opinion of Audi and their vaunted warranty.


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