Large cable connectors?

Tom Nas tnas at
Mon Jul 2 21:43:58 EDT 2001

At 19:19 2-7-01 +0200, Per Lindgren wrote:
>Btw, what are you using this cable for? Maybe someone knows of a solution.

The previous owner installed it for the humongo amp he thought was a good 
way of spending his car maintenance budget (who needs brakes when you can 
have loud music?) and couldn't get it out again when he stripped the car 
before selling it to me. I couldn't get my newly-installed stereo (this is 
my daily traffic-jam car) to sound right, so I bought a cheap amp to drive 
the rear speakers and wanted to use the old cable which was still connected 
to the battery(!)
I've since found out that the huge cable is kinda hard to connect to most 

Regards, Tom

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