Snow White virus

Phil Payne phil at
Tue Jul 3 08:00:17 EDT 2001

> But Phil everyone knows that no-one writes virus code for OS2!
> Paint another 'bug' on your cowling, er... monitor!
> "What?! Me worry?"

I'm still owed beer.  How many others got it?

My first experience with OS2 and a virus was with a copy of Jerusalem about seven years ago.  The damn thing was everywhere and we had major problems in the office - my PC just spat it straight out with some sort of dismissive message like: "Unauthorized attempt to perform physical I/O to COMMAND.COM - application terminated".

This time my REXX email client choked.  Being both the author and user (and the supprto line) I'm allowed to code the messages I like. Like all serious data processing, it's a batch application and its error messages are in a log file.  It actually said: 

'ere - what the &&&& is this?

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