Failed Emission Test

Bob mx at
Tue Jul 3 14:51:58 EDT 2001

Best way to go??? Go to an autoparts place like pep boys or something...
Get a can of the stuff that guarentees you to pass. It works! My car
just wasnt going to pass no matter what, the levels were off the scale,
and no hope of getting it back unless I did internal changes. I figured
I had nothing to lose since they guarentee the stuff. Poured in the
bottle, followed the directions, went through and not only passed but
passed easily!!  Amazing!
Not knowing whats in it though, I changed my oil almost immediately
after going through...
YMMV but it worked wonders for me!

edwulf wrote:

> Ok, Guys and Gals, I need some quick input.  As is typical, for me,
> I've put off emmissions testing until the last second.  Now, the '89
> 100 2.3 auto non quattro has failed.  Here's the info: Hydrocarbons
> Loaded Test: Pass    standard = 220ppm  -  my reading = 91ppmCarbon
> Monoxide Loaded Test:  Pass    standard = 1.2% - my reading =
> .33%Hydrocarbons Idle Test: Fail    standard = 220ppm  -  my reading =
> 379ppmCarbon Monoxide Idle Test: Pass    standard = 1.2% - my reading
> = .04% Car has new Bosch plugs, cleaned throttle body last week, has
> been driving well, self diagnostic = 4444 (good).  Air Cleaner less
> than 6 months old.  But, the idle has been a bit rough over the past
> month.  I'm thinking - Idle Stabilizer Valve.  Wouldn't that set a
> trouble code?  My other thought, iffy O2 sensor.  Wouldn't that, also,
> set a trouble code?  Since I've had it, I have not replaced the plug
> wires, cap, rotor, nor have I done the timing belt, if that makes any
> difference. Any Thoughts? Thanks, Eric Wulf'89 100
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