transmission failure

Trevor Irwin trirwin at
Wed Jul 4 00:17:02 EDT 2001

the transmission on my '90 100 (3-speed automatic) has begun to show the
classic signs of failure: it hesitates shifting into reverse
when it is warm. After an exhaustive search through the archives it
looks like the seals (actually look more like piston rings) on the 
hydraulic pump are wearing out and I need a rebuilt transmission. 

Now I am wondering, since it seems to be in the early stages of failure (I
don't really have any problems with it until it gets pretty hot and then
it is only the hesitation shifting into revers...maybe 5 seconds is the
worse I've experienced after driving for about two hours on the highway),
would it be worthwhile to use some kind of ATF additive or something to
postpone the inevitable? Someone suggested once using Militec-1. Any

Since it seems to be inevitable, can anyone recommend a good
transmission shop in the central Indiana area? (close to Bloomongton is
preferable, but not strictly neccessary).

Also, since this seems to be a very common problem with these
transmissions on the 100s/200s, is there any really preventive measures
(beside using synthetic ATF)?



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