I5 Engine Fitment Woe

Iain Atkinson iain.atkinson at tesco.net
Thu Jul 5 10:08:57 EDT 2001


wanna buy a doorstop then, going cheap......

Practice does make it easier.


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On Wed, 4 Jul 2001 15:32:08 +0100, Iain Atkinson wrote:

>Hi list,
>well we finally got the new engine in late yesterday, fired it up, little
>now power and then the cam started knocking and then it decided to pee oil
>out of the oil pump where i had the idle roller thread repaired. Bummer to
>say the least. I have yet to pull the cam cover off but i suspect it may
>have something to do with oil pump leak maybe.
 Geez- well now you've got some nice alum. and cast iron paper weights and
door stops.

>Decided now to slot in another one from a breakers that i have sourced this
>pm, heard it running and it seems fine, i get to do it all over again next
>week, lucky me.......

Practice, practice makes perfect.

All smartass remarks aside- sorry to hear about your misfortunes.
Good luck on the next one.

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